Picture Day!

Written by Alex Angelo

"School sucks," I told my mother. "Do I have to go?" "Yes, Alex, you do," she replied. "But. . . *why?*" I asked. "Because." "Fine." I walked to the schoolbus and climbed in. "HI!" My best friend, Lucas, waved at me. "Over here!" I sat next to him. He was very energetic and really funny. He had short, messy, blue hair. He was currently wearing. . . a grey suit and a black tie!? "What's with the outfit?" I asked. "Uh. . ." Lucas looked at me. "You didn't know? It's picture day." "PICTURE DAY!?" I asked. Lucas stifled a laugh. "You didn't know? Pfft!" "It's not funny." I was currently wearing a red t-shirt and a skirt over loose, black pants.. "Fine, you're right. Anyways, my sister might have an extra dress." "It's fine," I said. - We made it to school. Our school was dull. It was made of plain bricks and inside, the floor was made of grey tiles. The walls were all white. Lucas and I made our way to our class (class 6A) and we were early. The bus was usually pretty fast at our school, so no surprise. We sat at our desks (Lucas's was in front of me, which was perfect for passing notes). We sat in the very back. And then, on the announcement speakers, it said: "Lucas and Alex, please report to the principle's office." We walked there. Running was against the rules. We passed by classes and classes, and finally made our way there. Then someone hit me in the head. With a brick. - I woke up in an empty room. "Hello?" I asked. There were zip-ties around my wrists. Luckily, however, they were very tight. The clasp of the ties were in-between my wrists. I raised my arms, and bringed them down to my stomach very quickly. I was free. I saw a door, and walked through it. Before me, I saw all of my favourite mangas: all of the My Hero Academia books, all of The Promised Neverland, all of Beastars, all of Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun. . . but I needed to get out. I saw the next door and walked through it (totally not bringing the last Beastars book 'cause I didn't have it). In the next room, the second Percy Jackson movie was playing. *Ew,* I thought. *That movie sucks.* But there wasn't any door, so I sat down. I watched the movie, and then. . . a door appeared? I walked through it, and then I, heroically, passed out. I woke up in my room, safe and sound. I sighed with relief. "Just a dream." But, in my hands, was the last Beastars book.