OLIVER: The Comeback

By: Del K. Macintosh

He came back, and he's not backing down again.

Chapter 1

Everyone was so glad that I was back! Even the boss was impressed! And by impressed, I mean sorry-for-thinking-that-you-were-useless-in-the-first-place impressed. He was so blown away that he gave me the day off tomorrow! I wen't home by Taxi because I don't have a car. I took out my phone and started scrolling through Instagram. I was hoping to see just one person NOT talking about me, but I got nothing. I put back my phone and got out of the Taxi. Once I got in, my bedroom window was open! I quickly looked if anyone was in my backyard but there was no one. I was dumbfounded by what I saw. Who did it? The only person I could think of was... Oliver.

Chapter 2

It can't be! He's in jail, sentenced to 3 years. He couldn't have possibly escaped... or so I thought. I turn on the TV and to my surprise, he did. "Oliver Gibson, teenager at day but smart like an adult at night has escaped from Toronto Jail today at 550 Gerrard Street. We sti-" I turn off the television. He actually escaped. The darn teenager escaped. I went to sleep, scared that he'll come back. I got back up and started doing some research on the prison. "Canada's Easiest Prison, or so we thought..." You've got to be kidding me.

Chapter 3

The next day, I woke up feeling cold. I felt like someone was watching over me or something like that. I made my world-famous Eggos & went to the prison. It was downtown so I didn't have a choice but to ride the bus. Once I got there, there was the police everywhere! Even the firefighters! Wait a second... if there's a bank 4 blocks away from here & he JUST escaped... oh poo. I took a Taxi that was going in the direction of the Bank so I could jump out when I get in front, and that's exactly what I did. I ran upstairs with nobody downstairs and the CCTV was off. I got to the safe and there he was with his laptop out. "I make software myself. Come, dance." He wanted me to fight? This will be interesting.

Chapter 4

He tried to punch me and I dodged it. He started clickity-clacking on the laptop until he put in the command: ";execute all_" Wait, what was he exicu- ~BOOM!~ An explosive went off and he went in while I fell out of the window. I grabbed my hands onto the nearest window to pull myself up and inside. There was someone there waiting for somebody. Maybe someone like Oliver? Until I knew for sure... "HEY!" He started walking to me. He gave me a stare. (like the kind-of stare that The Rock gave to the camera in his song Face Off) "WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT HERE? IT'S NOT SAFE. GO AW-" So, just to recap on what just happened, I did the shoulder touch again and he got "knocked out." Whew, that was a breeze! I run upstairs and there he is, putting all of the money in his duffel bag. "You shouldn't do this! Please change, you have a lot of potential in you!" He didn't listen.

Chapter 5

I knew that how he disabled the cameras was on his computer so... I pushed him down and stole his computer. Turned out, he was using Terminal the whole time! I turned off everything on his computer but somehow I deployed all bombs which made the whole building go BOOM! -------------------------- I heard ringing in the background. That's when I found out... everyone that was in that building got injured because of me. I made a grave mistake. I woke up 17 minutes later and to my surprise, I was in the hospital. All of the doctors and nurses were rushing to find something... or maybe even someone. "Hey! Doc!" I said, with my face colored with fear: "How long do I have to stay here?" He gave me a depressing stare. "About 1 month. I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do to shorten that ti-" The electricity went off. Now I know who escaped. I jumped out of the bed and wanted to jump out the window to safety but I was 5 stories up in the air.

Chapter 6

The only thing that I could do was head all the way downstairs. I sprinted to get to the elevator until I saw it fall all the way down. The building was crumbling. I took the stairs and at the moment I just remembered something: My phone is left there in the room. I run upstairs, pushing everyone to get there faster and grabbed my phone. I needed my phone because all of the evidence to catch him was on there. Another large boom came from floor 3 so now I can't go downstairs & I can't jump out the window. I was stuck. I was the only person on the 5th floor. I had only one option: jumping down the elevator chute. The doors wouldn't budge open so I used the large piece of metal in the stairwell to get it open. I jumped onto the thing that looked like a bungee cord and slid all the way down... to the 2nd floor.

Chapter 7

The cord was holding onto the elevator that will soon eventually fall all the way down. There was a couple and their daughter inside. "Come on," I said: "We need to get this thing open. Trust me." They agreed and we all put our hands on the crack of the door and started pulling. And then I remembered, I had a large metal piece. We could use that! "Sorry guys, be right back." They started screaming "NOO! COME BACK! PLEASE!" I grabbed the metal piece and jumped all the way down. Now the elevator tipped to the left. The cord was about to break. I put the metal in the middle and pulled. The doors opened. We all jumped out and the elevator fell all the way down.

Chapter 8

They were thanking me for saving them. I was in a rush so I had to go. I jumped out the nearest window onto some wires and stopped in the middle of it. I saw a cargo train coming and guess who was in it? Oliver. The door was open so I slid all the way down but at the wrong moment, he closed it and I hit my head onto the door. He locked it from the inside. I tried to get in but I couldn't. I ran to the front of the train, jumped inside the front and threw the chauffeur out. I put the train on Auto-Mode and started calling the police. "Hello?" 911, what's your emergency? "I found Oliver Gibson. He is on the cargo train going in the direction of Brampton. The next station will be Union. Please get there as fast as you can." Okay, sir. We're on our way.

Chapter 9

I hung up the phone and ran to the car in which the little troublemaker was in. There was one opening. I fell down from the roof in. He looked at me with a smirk on his face. "Who out of your crazy mind do you think you are?" He didn't answer me. He ran to the back and came back with a buttload of coal. The bad thing was: it was active. "Ouch! Hot! Hot!" He started smiling. I had only one thing to do: fight him to stop. I thought that at this moment I should use the martial arts that I learned in school. Never give up, bring mercy, stop, turn back & repeat. I hit him with a roundhouse kick and punched him in the face. He fell on the floor. He gave up. I heard people yelling outside, what happened?

Chapter 10

The train was about to hit a bunch of people! I shut the door on the ceiling and ran to the front. I put my hands on the stick and pulled back but it still wasn't stopping. I ran back into the car and asked Oliver a very simple question: "Do you want to help people, yes or no?" He nodded. We both jumped out with coal and started throwing it on the tracks. Everyone was recording. After 37 seconds of doing constantly doing that, the train came to a screeching stop. Everyone cheered with joy. "You see? When you do the right thing, people respect you for who you are." The police came and arrested him and threw him in the most securest prison in Toronto. I was sad for the poor guy. He did some bad stuff but for a reason. He waved me with a content smile. I waved back. That was the end of him.


5 months later, I was the chief of the Toronto police officers. They gave me the award. I had lunch with the prime-minister... blah, blah, blah. As for Oliver on the other hand, he's the founder of a successful restaurant in Downtown Toronto. My old boss died, I attended his funeral and then Covid hit. This whole story was based in 2018-2019. Who am I? Right, i'm Colin Lee Fisher, and i'm not stopping to help people.

The End. (for real this time)

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