Written by Del K. Macintosh

Is he a really good person or not? Nobody knows...

...but we do.

Chapter 1

...I wake up. I run downstairs, put some coffee on the kettle and make my eggs. I finished breakfast and take my Toyota to STSS (Secret Toronto Society of Spies). I greeted Mary at the door.

"Hello," I said.

"...Oliver? Wow! It's been days! Let me check you in."

"Thanks, Mary."

She let me in, and I went into the board meeting. And that's when I came face to face with the one person that's so annoying in this agency: my boss, Jillian.

"You're late," she said, in her angry way, as always.

"Uh, fashionably. Now, what mission am I assigned with for the ninth time this week?"

She rolls her eyes at me like I did something wrong, which I did. Yesterday, she asked me to give her coffee with four sugar cubes like always, and I got her that... with three. She must be pissed.

"Here," she starts. "Upper Canada College. Their principal, has stolen a secret file from our agency. I want you to get it back." "What's in it?"

"That's classified. We cann- I cannot tell you."

'Who's we?" "SHUT IT! Do you want to get payed or not?"

Obviously, I accepted.


And there I was, taking my 2007 Toyota to UCC, the one college I got kicked out of. I pulled over a block away, because the guards would've shot me if I even got close to any of the entrances... but I know a secret one. There was only one corner of the large fence that had no security cameras nor guards scoping the area so I went there. I went to the side, and... jumped into the manhole. Yes, I jumped into the sewers. If I knocked out any of the guards - which I could - and run inside, I'd have to sprint a hundred meters to the other side to get to the main building so yeah, I would've gotten caught. When I got to the other side of the sewer, I opened the manhole and there I was, at the other side of the field. One of my fellow classmates a few years ago, left the college a few days after me and left his uniform behind a garbage can and guess what? It was still there, to this day. You might predict what might happened next. I put the suit on. It was kind of tight around the old- y'know what? Let's move on. It was the end of the day, so everyone was leaving, except me. I snuck in, and went downstairs, to the reading room. Fun fact, the reading room closes at 3:15, and that's the same time the principal 'leaves.' But actually he stays until 4:00 in the secret room. I just needed to find the book with the name 'Sir Colborne,' the guy who built this place. I found the book and got inside. The principal was bending down because his pencil fell down. And there I found it, the file, under a rock. "Here, let me help you."

"Huh?" He said. "Oh. Thank you, young man." And that's when I kicked it into the low vents so he could get on his knees and get it himself. And that's when I had the time to break the window by throwing the rock and grabbing the file before he could say:

"Wait, how did you get i-"

I ran across the field while the guards behind me were trying to shoot me! Finally, I got across, punched the guard at the gate and caught the TTC bus.

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