He isn't real... or is he?

Written by B. W. This is not a true story, for young kids.

This is a fictional story, none of the actions here really happened. (except some of them.)


All you had wanted to do for Halloween was just stay home the entire night and watch a movie or fall asleep. You never even liked the holiday, you hated dressing up for it as well.

Some friends of yours would always tell you, "Come on Vayd it'll be fun!" Though it never seemed like it would be fun.

You were just planning on watching a comedy and eating some peanut butter at three in the morning, though a while before ten at night your mother came into your room. "You are going to babysit your cousin."

She didn't even explain further or which cousin you were supposed to babysit, she just got into her car and left you alone. "bye-bye kiddo!" she called out.

You had decided to watch "Aladdin" until the cousin would arrive at the house. It couldn't possibly be one of your older cousins though, why would you need to watch them? They'd be the one babysitting YOU.

There were then a few loud knocks at the door and you also managed to hear the door-bell bell go off a couple of times. It seemed like the cousin was there. "Just as I was getting to the best part," you mumbled.

Little cousins or siblings didn't always want to go trick-or-treating, you thought that maybe the kid would just want to watch a movie or sleep. That would make your job much easier, don't you think so?

There was still the mystery of which cousin you were going to babysit though, there were a lot of little cousins that you've met. Or maybe it was going to be a cousin you never met at a family reunion.

Maybe if the kid liked movies rather than doing anything with Halloween, you could both watch Aladdin together. "maybe I could tell them some of my jokes.." Oh, well I guess that's fine as well, maybe the kid will like them.

"Hey, let me in its cold out here!" A young male voice seemed to say on the other side of the door. Well, it seems like it was a boy. Though that didn't even help at the moment, you had a lot of cousins and really anyone in the family that were dudes. Barely any girls.

Finally, you decided to open up the door and let the child in, you didn't want them to freeze out there. The young cousin seemed to be around the age of nine, he seemed excited about something.

The young boy was wearing a Halloween costume that was...pasta? That was quite a strange choice for a Halloween costume (But he was a kid after all) so you didn't want to question it that much. The pasta was probably this kid's favourite food.

"Hi there...who are you?"

In your entire life, this kid had never been to a family reunion or anything of the sort. Someone would have at least mentioned something about him, right? Well, apparently not.

"My name is Rayhan."

The kid- Rayhan apparently, didn't seem to be focused on you, it seemed like he was staring off at something else. Though there was nothing in the area that he was staring at. Creepy.

"Why are kids always like this..?" This was always pretty weird and creepy, you had babysat a few other kids over the years who acted the same way. It didn't even help that it was Halloween while Rayhan was acting like this.

"Alright, Rayhan, why don't we go and watch a movie, and then we can-" the kid didn't seem to like that suggestion. He grabbed your hand as tightly as he could make it and stared at you, it looked like a death glare.

"We.Want.To.Go.Trick.Or.Treating." this small child seemed like he was going to snap or something, it also sounded like he was trying to sound as angry and mean as he could, all for going trick-or-treating? Though that wasn't what worried you the most about your weird cousin.

"We? who else is here?" You asked a bit confused, though it probably wasn't much to worry about. Your other cousins that you've babysat (but thankfully weren't as strange) had mentioned a few times of an 'imaginary friend'.

So, you wondered if it was possible that your little cousin had an imaginary friend. It wasn't a bad thing, you just kind of thought it was pretty weird how little kids will make this stuff up. You never had one before, you were happy about that.

"Come on, why don't you just listen to one of my jokes? I know a lot dad-" Rayhan was somehow able to forcefully drag you out of the house and outside. Damn, that was a strong nine-year-old.

"The heck is going on..??"

As the two of you got outside of the house, a loud slam was heard from behind. You had turned around just in time to see the door getting slammed close and then a figure near it.

It almost looked like a shadow and it seemed to be around the size and age of Rayhan. "So...um...what do you want to get while trick-or-treating." Maybe if you changed the subject and didn't mention it, nothing would happen.

"Pasta puttanesca."

"That's not even a...you know what? fine"

This kid was still pretty weird and there was also that strange shadow figure that you saw a few minutes ago, could he command that thing? You weren't entirely sure about anything tonight, though you didn't want to find out.

The two of you had soon reached the first house which wasn't that far away, there was a large bowl of candy on the front porch. "Alright, just take a piece, I know it isn't what you wanted but just take it."

Rayhan only seemed to stare at you and not even move, his eyes weren't even blinking either. Once again, you could see the strange shadow again; it was next to the candy bowl and it was also staring at you.

A child's laugh escaped from its lips- or what was assumed to be its lips and mouth as it then threw the candy bowl on the sidewalk. The bowl seemed to smash in over a million tiny pieces as each candy lay on the sidewalk and some even on the road.

You take hold of Rayhan's hand and began to speed-walk towards the next house, this wasn't something you were going to deal with. (how WERE you even going to deal with it?) "what was that thing??"

"My friend!"

There were still some children laughing from the other house, though luckily it was coming from actual children who were taking the candy.

You had hoped that the strange thing that had happened wouldn't happen again and that it was only a one-time thing. Or maybe you were just imagining this stuff? Though you were wrong about it stopping...

At the next house, the exact same thing happened and Rayhan acted the same way. At the other houses though, the shadow thing would just steal some of the candy and seem to eat it...somehow.

You knew some other stuff had happened as well but..it was too strange to describe and everyone reading this would start to question some stuff in their life.

Eventually, the two of you got back to the house and you could see a car pulling up. It must have been his parents, who else would even come for this weird kid and his shadow friend?

He hadn't even gotten any candy during the whole night, the shadow thing that you decided to call "Ray" (because Rayhan never told you its actual name) kept throwing the candy away or eating it.

"Bye, this was a fun time!" Rayhan gave you a hug and then he ran into the car. You could have sworn that Ray followed him in there, that was probably the truth as well.

"bye...I'm never gonna do this again.."

I'm very sorry if this was just way worse than my regular ones, this is actually my first time writing a story in 2nd person. If you couldn't tell already, this was a story for Vayd Danish and Rayhan Hidayat :)