Hey! So Glad You're Here.

We are Boi Grl Comix. You might have heard us from our first book: Munk Bunk. If not, this is us! Boi Grl Comix is a company that makes e-books for kids! ...yes, this company is run by 11+ yr olds. If YOU want some new kids stories then you're in the right place!

Boi Grl Comix was made by two 8 year olds at school. Yep. Talk about ideas! It started in 2019 with a book called Munk Bunk that we sold at school to over 27 students by using the school printer and we're here now! Since the books are from ages 8+, all of our books are for kids! If you want your story featured here, email us at stevzlubega@gmail.com. (merchandise is coming soon.)  Have a blessed day! :D                -Boi Grl Comix